Things to do and see in Pismo Beach

Things to do and see in Pismo Beach California: October 2015.

  1. View the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove this time of year; check out this site for more details Monarch Butterflys.
  2. Hang out and enjoy the views and the sun of the Dinosaur Caves Park
  3. It’s often referred to as the Pismo Dunes however the Oceano Dunes has a great OHV area. (Just south of Pismo Beach)
  4. Take a trip downtown Pismo Beach to enjoy the pier.  If you want to see some local web cams click the link.
  5. Like a day or evening playing pool?  Check out our local HotShots Yelp reviews.
  6. Food: Brads, Splash Cafe, Ventana Grill, Cracked Crap, Papi’s Grill, Giuseppe, Rosa’s Italian.  Lots of great Restaurants in Pismo Beach.
  7.  Do you like Art, if yes check out Thomas Kinkade Gallery at 500 Cypress Street. phone 805-773-8057 for hours
  8. Do you like to hike? Check out for the Sycamore trail and other local great trails up and down the coast.

If you have any tips or recommendations please let me know and I’ll update my page about things to do and see in Pismo Beach.

If you are looking to move or relocate to Pismo Beach California please let me know how I can be of assistance.

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