San Luis Obispo new development with Affordable housing in mind.

70 Plus Development projects citywide are currently being planned or considered!

San Luis Obispo City General Plan 2019

Affordable Housing Projects 2018 in the city of San Luis Obispo.

Iron Works 46 affordable units, has been completed and the units have been occupied. the mixed-use is located at 3680 Broad Street and was developed by HASLO. Per the Anual report, the city awarded a $920,000 AHF award to the project.

Bishop Street Studios 34 affordable units have the grand opening celebration set for November 16th, 2019 at 2:00 pm. The new project is proving housing for adults living with mental illness. The development is a partnership between HASLO and THMA on the site known as Sunny Acres that sits on 1.3 acres.

Courtyard at The Medows 36 affordable is a new affordable housing development in the Serra Meadows Tract that started construction in November 2018 and expected to be completed early to mid-2020. The had received a tax credit in 2018 as well as an additional $632,000 AHF award. It’s nice to see the number of projects working in our local communities. The 36 affordable-housing units off Prado Road near the South Hills Open Space.

West Creek Appartements San Luis Obispo (Orcutt area) 10 affordable received entitlements in 2017, construction has started. the 172 unit West Creek project features single-family and multifamily residential units, with 1o reserved for low and moderate-income families.

South Morros (Orcutt area) 8 affordable units. with Planning completed in 2018, development is set for the Fall of 2019. Total development is set for 53 units, 5 single-family residences, deed-restricted for moderate-income households, and 3 multi-family units for low-income households. The developer is Wathen Castanos Homes.

San Luis Obispo Ranch 68 affordable units. this is a new larger development of 580 residential units, a hotel as well as commercial spaces. 34 units are required to meet the residential needs of the city inclusionary housing ordinance. 26 units will be very low level,
Avila Ranch 67 affordable

Avila Ranch is approved to be a 720Home Development with more than 60 acres of land off Buckley Road.

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