How to be found on the internet for a self-employed business owner

How to be found on the internet for self-employed business owners?

I’m sure you are very much like me spending a lot of time working in business and trying to find more time to work on our business.   This is a challenge when you are self-employed.   I wanted to take a moment and share with you a few things that I found helpful and I hope you do as well.

First: Be on the social sites, I know not easy but it helps.  I think you’ll find plenty of self-help things online to direct you where to go and what to do.

How much time do you spend going all over the web to make sure your information is current for your clients to find?  Have you moved in the last few years and still have some old information floating around the internet?  I would say we all have old information on the web however you can do a lot to make sure that your information is current on a lot of the top sites.  The company is called and they are a very simple site that charges around $700.00 Dollars a year for the top package to monitor your information.  This is a yearly subscription.  If you go around trying to do manual updates it can take lots of time, plus I think they are making it harder to update accounts manually.  If you have over 50 different places you’ll have 50 different usernames and accounts to update!  Yes that’s a lot of accounts! One thing to note is that some sites have a login for the consumer and the business owners so now you’ll have more logins!  See Below for my Yelp and City Search Examples

Example Yelp Consummer: 

Yelp Business Login: 

How about a popular site called

Consumer page:

Business Owner

If you don’t already have a password manager you’ll want to find a password manager like Last Pass, RoboForm’s, or a simple excel sheet to keep these links and logins organized.  

Being self-employed and being responsible for all the information online for our consumers to find can be a very time consuming task, so I hope this site will be useful for some of you.

If have any recommendations for helping other self-employed friends and business please let me know so I can share them. Drop me a quick email at

Thank you,

James Outland Jr.

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