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Who should get a Buyers home warranty? I would recommend any newly purchased home should have one. Why? no one knows when things will give up and stop working. The last thing you need after you close escrow is a big surprise by a water heater, stove, dishwasher, deciding to give up. In my experience things happen especially on homes that have been sitting vacant for any period of time. My personal experience with a home warranty on my residence, I paid for years on one an never needed it. Like car insurance, I had it just in case. So one never knows right, but on the flip side, I have seen multiple times where a home warranty has helped my clients. How do I know? Often the representative of the company for my area or I will receive a postcard about the resolved issue.; I appreciate both methods when the reach me like it a great reminder that if they are used, they can save clients a lot of money and stress if they are not able to be repaired. I find it often when a water heater lets go those are replaced not repaired and we do have some hard water spots on the Central Coast.
When you look over each company the offer different fees for covered items, so what may apply to you may not apply to others. The coverage may also have different service request fees and different policies. When looking at the different options look them over and see what is the best fit for your needs.

Please see below for some information on each company and the local representatives

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American Home Sheild

Fidelity Home Warranty
Assistant Vice President
E&O Specialist, Lie.# 0D26753
VM: 1-800-308-1424 x3514
Cell: 805-294-2656
Direct Fax: 805-929-6809
800-TOCOVER (800-862-6837)
Fax: 1-800-308-1460

First American Home Warranty
Melody Maddox
Area Manager NHD/HW
Mobile 805.226.6494
Phone Applications: 800.444.9030
Fax Applications: 800.772.1151
Service Department: 800.992.3400

Old Republic Home Protection
Bret Dixon
Senior Account Executive
T: 800.282.7131 Ext. 1114 has an article Dated Feb, 10th, 2017 on What is a Home Warranty? Peace of Mind for Home Buyers, by Cathie Ericson

First time home buyers or experienced home buyers should have one just for peace of mind! If you work with me on the purchase of your home from the MLS ask me to supply you a home warranty as a closing gift for peace of mind.

I look forward to working with you and your read estate needs, please visit my property search page at


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