327 W Creston St Santa Maria CA 93458

327 W Creston St, Santa Maria, CA 93458

Home Owner: Do you want to sell your home? If yes, I would love to help you with a current Market Valuation and comps out of the North Santa Barbara MLS. When I pull the comps, they are particular to your area, price, and within the last six months, where I try to get as many comps over the previous six months. In addition to working on valuation, we can meet at the property to talk about your selling goals. This may sound simple, but what condition is the home in, what loan types does it quality for? Do you want to do repairs or sell it as-is? Do you have the funds to do repairs, and if you do the repairs, will you net more, or will the time delay cost you a few mortgage payments? Many factors go into marketing a property. Scheduling photos, drones, flyers, Floor plans, and getting this already takes time. I believe having a plant is always best to do one year before listing your home. That may seem like a long time; however, think about what tax implications the sale of your home may have for you or your estate. Is the house in a trust, do you have the trust paperwork? Do you have family members that have to sign? Is the house now an investment property and now 1031 addressed.

 Property Records

My experience with Santa Maria is that many homes have been altered or changed over the years, so the property data and title information may not always match; however, below is what I find online.

3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath, on a 6534 Sq. Ft. Lot. I don’t show the actual square footage. 

The good news is that I have a 3D Scanner that is very good at getting us very close to the actual square footage. It also gives us each room dimension. Buyers love sizes as they can use that to place furniture in a room without stepping foot into the home.

Nearby Schools include Juan Pacifico Elementary, Kunst Tommie Junio High, and Pioneer Valley High School. To view the Santa Maria-Bonita School district site. 

Do you own this home?

I would love to speak with you about your goals, and I have experience with over 300+ sales in the Santa Maria area since 2001.

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