Don’t Buy a product from this company or you can have the same issues I did!

  1. It failed to work past 10 entries.
  2. I installed the consumer version than the enterprise to see if it a limitation password nope.
  3. Support first didn’t know I had the program, kinds of a mistake if you don’t know your orders. The other issues were slow response via a ticket system that caused me to get enterprise to see if it would fix over evening and nope.
  4. This company also failed to issue me a credit for something that didn’t ever work and only had it for like two days!
  5. I wrote management on LinkedIn and never got a reply, shame on them!

My experience is run as fast as you can from a company that is not willing to back its product!

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Just say no to RoboForm, try Keeper, one password, or another company and avoid these guys and my issues!

James Outland

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