Nala gets the care she needed thanks to CSADA

January 24, 2019 by [email protected]

Nala was found in a park as a stray dog with a major injury to her rear leg. It required bandage changes and sedation every few days. Once she healed from that months later we realized she had some special needs. Our shelter veterinarian had diagnosed her with Syringomyelia and Epilepsy based on her symptoms. She would scratch at her face, something we learned was called phantom scratching. She would walk in circles and she seemed to have some vision issues, she also started having seizures. Ideally the Syringomyelia and Epilepsy would be diagnosed through a neurologist and an MRI.

The expected price for all this was close to $3,000. Unfortunately the shelter couldn’t pay for all the testing she needed. She was on numerous expensive medications and her seizures were not completely under control, because of this the chances of her being adopted were slim to none. Because of that I adopted her and started reaching out trying to get funds to be able to afford an MRI and consult with a neurologist. Thanks to CSADA I was able to make an appointment with a neurologist. Unfortunately once we got down to Los Angeles that day Nala was not doing well, we were unable to do the MRI. Although we changed her medications and gave supportive care she continued to decline. She was hospitalized and the veterinarian thought we should run a bone marrow test to check for cancer since her white blood cell count was irregular. The results showed that she had a really bad form of Leukemia and there wasn’t going to be a way to cure it.

Although my baby didn’t make it much longer than that I would never have been able to know what was wrong with her and afford her testing and hospitalization if it wasn’t for this organization.

Because of CSADA I was able to help Nala as much as I could and provide a nice home for the time I had her.

– Stacy Damschroder