In memory of Zeena

February 19, 2019 by [email protected]

Margaret with CSADA stepped in for me at a moment’s notice the same day during my 11.5-year-old Doberman’s emergency vet call. Not only did she cooperate with my vet clinic to make sure my dog lived but she also followed through with the diagnostics, aftercare, and even ongoing medication thereafter. Although my dog passed away almost two months later, CSADA gave me that amount of time to treat my dog as comfortably as possible, gave me time to prepare my dog and the family for coming to terms with her condition, and above all, gave me the most precious time with her that no amount of money in the world can buy.
I simply could not ask for a more fortunate ending than what was possible with the help of CSADA. I credit CSADA with the biggest peace of mind I could have possibly received.
A REAL organization that helps REAL life situations in REAL time.

-Brittani R.

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