Care For Senior and Disable Pets

The Special Needs Pet

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In their younger days they gave unconditional love, dedication and joy.
Now, because they are old or have medical needs that families cannot afford, many elderly and disabled animals are turned over to a shelter.
If you don’t have a furry friend in your life, what are you waiting for? Get down to your local shelter and adopt a dog or cat today. CSADA (Care for Senior and Disabled Pets), a non-profit organization, can help with expenses. All you need to do is love and care for the animals and give them a forever home.
CSADA will provide the following for your senior or disabled pet:

  • Adoption fees
  • Medical care/support cost if needed
  • Special prescription food cost if needed
  • Prosthetics costs if needed
  • Special procedures/MRI/labs

How does it work? Simple.

Have your shelter and veterinarian contact CSADA to discuss your animal’s needs and we will pay the shelter and veterinary office directly.
For more information or to receive an application, call Margaret Camara, at (831) 277-3800.
To make this work, we need your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations.  Please mail your check to: CSADA, P. O. Box 1024, Pismo Beach, CA 93448
If you can, please set up a monthly donation for what ever you can afford.
No administrative paid staff, everything goes to the animals.


Chili recovering from surgery on both of his knees. His mom got him these “overalls” so he would not need to wear a cone.

Care for Senior and Disabled Pets was started by Margaret Camara in loving memory of her dog, Chili, a spunky Chihuahua with much character and spirit, despite his medical ailments. The charity is now able to provide assistance to other pets in need.