5 reasons to adopt a senior dog or cat

#5 Great Companions

Dogs have been man’s (not to mention woman’s) companion for thousands of years. Cats are low maintenance. They already know the lay of the land and tend to settle into routine quickly. You just can’t go wrong with a dog or cat, especially when you’re feeling down.

#4 They Get You In Shape …

For free! Unlike gyms, a dog or cat doesn’t charge you a fee to work out. Your dog/cat can’t wait to go and play. The ones that can walk and run a few times a day enjoy it. Just clip on a leash and head outside.

#3 Saturday Night Date

Even if you got stood up or no one returned your calls, you never have to be alone on the weekend if you have a pet. They’re always going to want to hang out with you. And, they love to snuggle and watch old movies with you. Their favorite: Lady and the Tramp. Duh! Who doesn’t like a good, old-fashioned love story?

#2 Loyal (Like a Samurai)

Dogs and cats are fantastically loyal. They are delirious with joy upon your return home, and never cheat or take someone else’s side. They’ll even bark or hiss at strange noises and intruders (often many times their size) and will do all they can to protect you and help you.

#1 They’re Amazing

Get a dog or cat and you have yourself someone who will stick with you through thick and thin. They don’t care if you get fired or put on weight or go bald. They don’t care if you have really horrible fashion sense. They care about you. And all you have to do in return to get this unconditional love is play, feed, pet, and love your dog hem back. No money-back guarantee warranted here!

So, what are you waiting for? Get on down to your local shelter and get yourself a forever pet